Canterbury Tales on Stage!

Geoffrey Chaucer & Company Presents

The Millerís Tale Musical (Millerís & Reeveís Tales)
A fun and bawdy bedroom farce

5 actors – approx. 2 hours

In one of Chaucer’s most famous tales, a clever clerk tricks an old carpenter into believing Noah’s flood is returning so that the clerk can rendezvous with the carpenter’s young wife. Meanwhile, the parish clerk, also hoping to win the wife’s attentions, finds himself literally kissing her behind. Breaking wind and a hot brand brings this to a hilarious, ‘tail-spinning’ conclusion. In retaliation for the insult of this tale, Oswald the Reeve parries with his own tale of deception and sexual retaliation, thrusting home with a double victory of a cheating miller’s wife and daughter. Sex is in the air, boisterous, happy and sometimes completely unexpected!



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